Павел Кирил Денисов (Германия)

Dear Ministers and Representatives of the OSCE, first of all, I am very honoured to have an opportunity to speak in front such an admirable audience.

My name is Kiril Denisov and I am a student in Heidelberg, Germany. But today I was given the possibility represent the International Youth Forum “Future of the Eurasian and European Integration: Foresight 2040” and share with you our projects and proposals.

During the last few days us, the participants, worked on different projects to boost and improve the cooperation between Asia and Europe. Each participant brought important and beneficial gifts to Vienna.

We brought ideas, dreams and visions from 19 different countries. This treasure of mixed backgrounds, experiences and mindsets led to a very productive work atmosphere. Future politicians, leaders and experts all worked together to improve the future of our continent and the 2 billion Eurasians we are honoured to represent.

 We focused on topics like socio-cultural Integration, Economy and Security, because we believe that these 3 topics will be the keys of uniting our continent under common goals and interests.

Even though there were and still are many differences between the countless nations who share our continent, the only way to a prosperous and peaceful future, is cooperation in Security, on a local but also nationwide levels, strengthening the ties in Economy, trough massive trade deals which span the whole continent and trough socio-cultural collaboration, with the intension to erase racism and nationalism, trough intercultural exchange in sports, art and science, but also to safeguard minority cultures and languages and maintain cultural diversity.

 Our Forum proved that citizens from all over Eurasia are willing and able to work together on the vison of a united Eurasia, we have a lot of work and a long journey in front of us, but the outcome and result will vindicate all possible expenses.

We believe in a united Eurasia!

We believe in a bright Future for Everybody!

Thank you!