Ольга Лашко (Украина)

Good afternoon, esteemed Chairman Sebastian Kurtz!

Good afternoon, dear ministers!

My name is Olga Lashko, and today I have the honor to present to you the results of the international youth forum “future of Eurasian and European integration: foresight 2040” held in Vienna with 40 participants from 19 countries of the Eurasian continent.

Why did we all come here, you can ask. We are not going to just have a drink of Austrian beer and take a walk around beautiful Vienna. No. We came to discuss the future of the Eurasian continent, we came to offer our ideas and projects that could contribute to the development of trade, economic and cultural ties between our countries.

And now we have something very serious to say.

We worked in three main tracks: economy, culture and security. In each of them, we developed scenarios for the development of Eurasia by 2040. We developed recommendations for reducing risks. And in the process we had one very important insight. We realized that it will depend on us how the world will develop for the next 20 years.

We are now asking for your help. We have developed various projects that will help improve the socio-cultural and economic well-being in Eurasia.

And I request that you hear our proposals:

– We propose to create an international body that will contribute to solving the economic problems of the EU and the Eurasian Economic Union

– We ask the OSCE to actively cooperate with the CSTO

– We urge all countries of the Eurasian continent to forget about political and ideological contradictions and go together towards the development of effective cooperation between the countries.

The most important discovery we had during the forum can be expressed in one sentence: “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

We do not know exactly how 2040 will look. But we know that the future is in the hands of each of us.