Наталья Аскерова (Россия)

Good morning, dear ladies and gentlemen! We are highly honored to have an opportunity to present you the voice of the youth 2017.

Nowadays we are facing a dangerous threat. Which one though? Cyber attacks? No. Global warming? Not really. Intensifying migration? No, the real threat that we a facing now and which is the main cause for the challenges named above is the lack of cooperation between countries, which is due to the increasing differences between them. So, from the 4th to the 8th of December a forum for the future leaders of Europe and Eurasia took place in Vienna, at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis. The main task of our generation is to overcome those differences that prevent the European Union and the Eurasian Economic Union from further integration. To do that, we have to take the EU-EAEU relations to a new level and a new dimension, where there are no zero-sum-games, but there are common interests and aims that could only be achieved through a stable partnership. Having solved this problem, we will be able to open the way for the integration of the European and Eurasian countries in such areas as economic cooperation, energy security, sustainable development and cultural exchange.

It was our task that we, the representatives of 19 different countries in Europe, Eurasia and Asia, were to solve within the international youth forum “Future of Eurasian and European integration: Foresight 2040”. As a result of the forum, we offered new recommendations and projects on the possible prospects for integration.

We propose the creation of a single supranational body or institution that will monitor economic activities in the common space and introduce new laws in the economic legislation, the development of joint rules for the business initiatives, as well as community development, which involves establishing an efficient transportation network for better communication within a huge space and developing common infrastructure. We managed to create a project on the cooperation in energy sector, where the European countries would be able to share the best practices in extracting renewables to help climate change mitigation whereas their Eurasian partners would adopt new technological advances and won’t be dependent on non-renewables only. As for security issues, we designed a project for enhancing data protection in the space, which requires additional investment and mutual trust. In its turn, mutual trust can be created when the countries have common cultural values, something intangible that unites them all into a Union. Establishing an online-platform to enable citizens to immerse in another culture and learn more about it will help to create a common cultural background in the European and Eurasian space as well. 

By putting those projects and implementations into life, we will achieve a stronger economic partnership by the year 2025 and a political union with uniform institutions by 2040. We will not just obtain another integration group, but we will create a joint platform for a successful dialogue of cultures, values and opinions. Greater Eurasia from Lisbon to Vladivostok is an absolutely realistic and promising concept that will bring relations between the EU and the EAEU to a qualitatively new level. To reach this level, we should be bold enough to invent the most creative projects and ideas and also be able to turn them into reality. We have to think globally and act locally, forget about the disagreement that separates us, and focus on the opportunities that unite us and lead us to cooperation, and only then will we be able to succeed in creating the space of future called Greater Eurasia. We kindly request all the ministers to take into account the possibility of creating a supranational governance on the European and Eurasian space as well as the other projects that will be help us to overcome the biggest threat of our time – lack of communication and will unite all the countries in the Eurasian continent. Thank you for your attention!