Invitation to Participate

The acceptance of applications for participation in the International Youth Forum “Future of Eurasian and European Integration: Foresight-2040” is open.

The Institute for Economic Strategies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (INES), Russia, and the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), Austria, invite young people from EU countries, Russia, CIS and other countries of the European and Eurasian space to participate in the International Youth Forum “Future of Eurasian and European Integration: Foresight-2040”, which will be held from 4 to 8 December 2017 in Vienna, Austria – Laxenburg with the financial support from the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund, IIASA and INES.

The aim of the Forum: – to motivate talented young thinking people from different countries to show the initiative in predictive search for new senses and to model the image of the Future of Eurasian and European integration at the turn of – 2040, as well as in the long run professionally and responsibly take on building a better Future on the Eurasian continent.

Key areas on which the proceedings of the Forum will be built:

  • Economic cooperation;
  • Socio-cultural cooperation;
  • Security cooperation.

Content Support: The number of authoritative experts of the Forum includes such high-level policy makers and well-known scholars as Alexander Ageyev, Dr.Sc. (Economics), General Director RAS INES; Askar Akaev, President of the Kyrgyz Republic (1990-2005), German Ambassador to Russia Hans-Friedrich von Ploetz (2002 – 2005), Permanent Representative of Germany to the NATO Council (1989-1993); Pavel Kabat, Professor, Doctor, Director General and Chief Executive Officer of IIASA, Christoph Stückelberg, Professor at the University of Basel, President and Founder of the Foundation and Social Network Globethics.net.

Working Format: The Forum will be held in the format of a dynamic strategic game and become the territory of intellectual interaction of talented thinking young people and experts from the EU, the EAEC and other countries of greater European and Eurasian space. Young people will take part in interactive seminars, master classes, presentations, made by senior experts and high-level policy-makers. A powerful intellectual breakthrough in the work of the Forum will be given by the foresight sessions, thanks to which the participants will be able to:

  • to identify sources, growth points and key drivers for strengthening the Eurasian and European integration;
  • to propose breakthrough technologies and project solutions that can fundamentally change the existing character of relations between the countries of the Eurasian space within the next 20-25 years;
  • to identify effective directions and areas in which young people are able to successfully realize their talent, competence and potential;
  • to model the look of the Future of Eurasian and European integration by 2040.

Cultural program envisages tours of the main sights of Vienna and Laxenburg.

Activity style of participants: individual, collective and project-group with participation in each group of representatives of different countries.

A competition of joint projects of participants: each group will deliver a presentation of their work in both text and graphical format in the Power Point program. The results of joint work of participants on the development of thematic projects will be evaluated by an expert jury.

Result of the Forum: The Forum participants, representatives of active talented youth from the EU, the EAEU, Russia and other countries of the European and Asian space with intellectual support of reputable scientists, policy-makers and professionals will:

  • model the vision of the Future of Eurasian and European integration-2040 and develop project solutions capable in the future to radically change the character of the relations of the countries on the Eurasian space;
  • prepare an “Appeal to the younger generation-2040”.

Bonus program for participating teams – winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd places): Diplomas of winners in the contest of projects and apprenticeship opportunities at INES and IIASA.

Premium bonus for the most active participants on December 7, the best two of participants selected by jury of experts will speak in front of the OSCE Ministerial Council, which will take place in the framework of the Austrian chairmanship in the OSCE on 7 and 8 December 2017 in Vienna, with the outcome document of the Forum “Vision of the Future of the Eurasian and European Integration at the Turn of 2040 “.

Financial basis for delivery of the Forum: Support of IIASA, INES, Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund, sponsor funds and arrangement contributions of participants.

Conditions of participation in the Forum:

Age of young Forum participants – 16-26 years.

Region of residence: EU, Russia, CIS and other countries of Europe and Asia.

Procedure for submitting the application:

  • Interested young people from Russia, CIS countries and Asiaaged 16 to 26 years:

Can download the application form from the INES site by the link – www.inesnet.ru

A completed application form with a photo and a scan of the first page of the travel passport must be sent to INES e-mail: cmps@inesnet.ru before 18.00 p.m. Moscow time on September 30, 2017!

  • Interested young people from the EU aged 16 to 26:

May complete the online application form of the participant on the IIASA website by the link: www.iiasa.ac.at

Or send to IIASA e-mail: kofner@iiasa.ac.at Before 18.00 p.m. Moscow time on September 30, 2017!

All interested candidates should send an application form on-line or by e-mail UNTILL 18.00 MOSCOW TIME ON 30/09/2017!

Selection of the Forum participants

The selection of participants will be carried out by experts until October 10, 2017 on the basis of the completed Application Form, taking into account experience, knowledge and motivation of the participants.

Participants who have passed the competitive selection will receive information by e-mail in term before 10.10.2017.

Obligations of participants:

IMPORTANT: the way to Vienna and back, visa center services and the consular fee should be paid by participants themselves, or at the expense of the sending organization.

VERY IMPORTANT: for the purpose of reimbursement of arrangement expenses, each participant must pay a registration fee for participation in the Forum in the amount of 110 Euros, sight-seeing program expense of 40 Euros.

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: the competitors who have passed the competitive selection are responsible to provide information about their participation in the Forum to their regional media.

SUPER IMPORTANT: Participants who have not notified the Organizers within two weeks about cancellation of their participation, no Registration fee shall be refundable. Also, in case of no-shows and absenteeism, the participant / sending organization will be billed for accommodation and meals.

Arrangement fee for participants from Russia, Asia, CIS countries (with the arranged departure of the delegation from Moscow) is 450 Euros and includes:

Registration fee – 110 Euros; sight-seeing program expense – 25 euro;

Expenses for the flight, visa, service charge, medical insurance are 315 Euros (245; 35: 20; 40; 6.60).

Arrangement fee for the participants from the EU, Asia, CIS and other countries, coming to the Forum independently is 150 Euros and includes:

Registration fee – 110 Euros; sight-seeing program expense – 25 Euros.

Participants should pay the Arrangement fee in the period from 10 to 15.10.2017

Participants from Russia, Asia, CIS countries residing in Russia pay the Arrangement fee in rubles at the exchange rate of the Central Bank of Russia on the day of payment + 2% for exchange.

Obligations of the Organizers:

IMPORTANT: All the winners after the Arrangement fee payment will be sent an invitation in term before 20.10.2017.

VERY IMPORTANT: all participants who paid the Arrangement fee of 450 Euros are assisted in issuing a Schengen visa (arrangement of collective filing of documents with the service center, issuance of medical insurance, obtaining passports with visas), air tickets be purchased, a collective departure of the delegation from Moscow is arranged and a transfer from Airport of Vienna to the place of accommodation and back.

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: for all participants, the organizers will provide accommodation, meals, delivery of the Forum and the educational program, participations of authoritative experts and the VIPs, the organization of the cultural program, transfers according to the program and certificates of participation in the Forum.

SUPER IMPORTANT: In case of attracting additional financial resources, the registration fee can be partially or completely compensated.


Reference Information

For questions related to the Youth Forum, we will be glad to respond by e-mail or phones:

Institute for Economic Strategies RAS, Russia:

Anaka Satish +7 -499-579-8088; +7 -495-234-4697 ext. 235, cmps@inesnet.ru
International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Austria
Yuri Kofner + 7-926- 342-8980, Kofner@iiasa.ac.at

Social Networking Sites

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/283143785422835/?active_tab=about

Vkontakte: https://vk.com/event152337175

Organizers, Support and Partners of the Forum

Organizers – Institute for Economic Strategies of RAS, Russia, and the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Austria.
Forum Support – the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Foundation, Moscow, Russia

Co-organizers of the Forum:
Russian Agency for the Development of the Information Society;
Center for Eurasian Studies, Russia;
National Center for Technical Information, Russia;
International University Institute for European Studies, Italy;
Not-for-profit partnership “Global Partner Network”
Foundation and social network “Globethics.net”, Switzerland;
The Economic Strategies journal, Russia.
International Futures Research Academy (IFRA);
International Scientific Research Institute for Management Problems
Official Partner of the Forum: SINCOM LLC – simultaneous translation equipment.