Элиа Бескотти (Италия)

Dear Ambassadors, dear representatives,

As participant members of the 2017 International Youth Forum, young aspiring leaders and advisors from nineteen different countries and representing about 2 billion people, we are honoured to be here, in front of you, to talk about our results and ideas on our foresight on the Future of Eurasian and European Integration by 2040.

Throughout our work, we have focused on many topics and problems, and developed our ideas according to security, economic and socio-cultural issues. Many things should be done, in order to build a common space from Lisbon to Vladivostok and beyond, from Vancouver to Shanghai.

Old and new challenges, such as political confrontations, unemployment, mass migration on one side and non-traditional threats, from terrorism to cyber dimension, robotization and cultural homologation on the other, are issues that we need to address as common problems in order to overcome the barriers which still prevent us from understanding each other.

In order to build this common space, a deeper understanding of each other differences is necessary. Common threats, cooperation in economic development, coevolution of our cultural identities must be the pillars for the construction of this space. Joint educational programs, such as abroad internships, double degree programs and think tank collaboration, are necessary to learn from each other differences, which are the greatest potential we must rely on. OSCE, EU, EAEU, NATO, CSTO, SCO have all the potential to be the supporting forces to this purpose.

We are here, talking to you, to point out how this cooperation is necessary, and how we need to overcome our differences, understand and appreciate them, in order to enhance stability and security in the OSCE area and, hopefully, to extend it to all the other regions of the world.

Thank you for your attention and the opportunity you gave us members of the international youth forum.