Дарья Мишина (Россия)

Dear ministers,

My name is Daria Mishina and let me kindly be a representor of the young generation 2017 and the youth international forum “Future of Eurasian and European integration: foresight 2040”. 

Would we all live in the future 2040?

I think Nobody will …

Because in 23 years it would be TODAY!

So, to make “Today 2040” better we need to work today in 2017.

Dear ministers, 

May ask you and the audience, who can, want and even ready to work alone? Please rise your hand.

Thank you!

And now, please rise your hand those who wants to live in a stable world with no wars, extremists and poverty?

Thank you!

Therefore, dear decision makers, 

let me kindly introduce you the results of our brain storming. We all believe that three meetings on the platform of OSCE may help all of us to deal with current international challenges.

The first meeting of NATO, CSTO and SCO would create a “Great Security Parliament”.

On the Second meeting members of the Parliament would adopt a new “Charter of nations” in order to maintain internal stability.

The third meeting needs to be with a “Young Security Parliament”.

This is a policy paper with all details and genius ideas of 40 members of the Forum.

We do believe that all generations have a great experience to exchange and only together we could find a solution.

Let’s do all our bests to live stable in “today 2040”.