Rufina Gafeeva (Germany)

Руфина Гафеева (Германия)

Honourable OSCE Ministerial Council, I have the privilege to speak in front of you on behalf of 2 billion young people living in Europe and Eurasia. The International Youth Forum “Future of Eurasian and European Integration: Foresight-2040” was held from 4 to 8 December 2017 in Vienna, Austria – Laxenburg. 40 young leaders from 19 Читать больше проРуфина Гафеева (Германия)[…]

Pavel Kiril Denisov (Germany)

Павел Кирил Денисов (Германия)

Dear Ministers and Representatives of the OSCE, first of all, I am very honoured to have an opportunity to speak in front such an admirable audience. My name is Kiril Denisov and I am a student in Heidelberg, Germany. But today I was given the possibility represent the International Youth Forum “Future of the Eurasian Читать больше проПавел Кирил Денисов (Германия)[…]

Olga Lashko (Ukraine)

Ольга Лашко (Украина)

Good afternoon, esteemed Chairman Sebastian Kurtz! Good afternoon, dear ministers! My name is Olga Lashko, and today I have the honor to present to you the results of the international youth forum “future of Eurasian and European integration: foresight 2040” held in Vienna with 40 participants from 19 countries of the Eurasian continent. Why did Читать больше проОльга Лашко (Украина)[…]

Nataliya Askerova (Russia)

Наталья Аскерова (Россия)

Good morning, dear ladies and gentlemen! We are highly honored to have an opportunity to present you the voice of the youth 2017. Nowadays we are facing a dangerous threat. Which one though? Cyber attacks? No. Global warming? Not really. Intensifying migration? No, the real threat that we a facing now and which is the Читать больше проНаталья Аскерова (Россия)[…]

Marina Steininger (Germany)

Марина Штейнингер (Германия)

Dear Ministers and Representatives of the OSCE, I am very honored to represent the participants of the international Youth Forum for Future of Eurasian and European Integration: Foresight – 2040 at this meeting and propose to you a new way of thinking on how to succeed in a future integration of the EU, the EAEU Читать больше проМарина Штейнингер (Германия)[…]

Elia Bescotti (Italy)

Элиа Бескотти (Италия)

Dear Ambassadors, dear representatives, As participant members of the 2017 International Youth Forum, young aspiring leaders and advisors from nineteen different countries and representing about 2 billion people, we are honoured to be here, in front of you, to talk about our results and ideas on our foresight on the Future of Eurasian and European Читать больше проЭлиа Бескотти (Италия)[…]

Дарья Мишина (Россия)

Дарья Мишина (Россия)

Dear ministers, My name is Daria Mishina and let me kindly be a representor of the young generation 2017 and the youth international forum “Future of Eurasian and European integration: foresight 2040”.  Would we all live in the future 2040? I think Nobody will … Because in 23 years it would be TODAY! So, to Читать больше проДарья Мишина (Россия)[…]